A suite of tools for identifying skills, clarifying requirements, and tracking success.

Members can add their talents

Everyone can add their specific skills and capacity along with their availability to provide them outside their designated scope of work.

set project goals

Leaders can add capacities needed and number of people required to accomplish the goals of the project. They can also add the expected time requirements from members.

set up teams

Add members to group initiatives and create teams to work on specific projects.

attach images and documents

Ensure that everyone is on the same page by adding images and documents to projects.

Track and report time used

With reports you can see how many hours were available and how many hours were actually contributed over time.

track and report Value

Leaders have the option to track the financial value of time contributed.

Track and Report Participation

View how many members participated in a program or group initiative each month.

Understand the Capacities of your organization

Reports for talents most sought after, the hours of experience for each capacity, and more will help you better appreciate the skills and talents of your community.